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A better approach for mentoring and supporting our youth. The Young Crowd helps people (age 8-21)
raise money and get support for their ideas, projects or new businesses.


An easy, safe way to raise money online. Individuals or groups can create campaigns that highlight their ideas or business and share what they are trying to achieve by raising money.


Browse campaigns and young people's profiles. Back promising young people who have the potential to have a great impact on their communities and on the world.


Become a mentor to young entrepreneurs.   Help minimize their failure rate and gain an advantage in the workforce, teach transferable skills that help their venture succeed.

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for young entrepreneurs

We believe in you and your potential. Build something great, grow with confidence and have fun!


Start a Campaign

Create a campaign for your idea or business. It's easy, simply explain what you're trying to achieve, how much money you need to get there, how it will be spent and your plans for giving back to your investors and sponsors.

Share With Friends and Family

Spread the word about your ambitions. Connect with friends, family, and community on social media and email to help increase your contributions during your campaign. The more you network, the greater your campaign goals will be achieved. You will also receive free training on how to create and manage your campaigns. You’ll discover that many people want to help young people.



Connect with Mentors & Fellow Young Entrepreneurs

Our goal is to help you succeed and become experienced young entrepreneur and future global leader. Using The Young Crowd secure platform, you can connect and collaborate with fellow young entrepreneurs who share the same interests or simply find a co-founder for your new idea. If you're in need of a mentor, you can request to be matched with an experienced, proven entrepreneur or industry leader. Regardless, you can build lasting relationship that will you in the present and future.

Collect Your Contributions

Receive your contributions that will be directly deposited into your account. You get to keep all funded pledged or invested, regardless of achieving your target goals. You will be required to follow up with each and every person who supported your campaign (financially) with perks, prizes, or simply a return on invested money.


for investors

Help a young entrepreneur grow an idea, project, or business. Diversify your investment portfolio
and invest directly in startups or give back by simply making a donation.


Browse new opportunities

Registration is free when the site becomes available. You gain access to a select list of young entrepreneurs that you can easily review this list of young entrepreneurs to learn more about their projects, ideas, and businesses available available to invest or contribute.

Contribute or help attract donations

For non-accredited investors, family & friends, or people who are just passionate about empowering young people to achieve their goals, making a contribution by donation on The Young Crowd platform is an effective way to track the outcome of your support. Each campaign can keep their contributions regardless of their target goals to ensure they get as much support as they can. You will also receive perks and prizes for each campaign you pledge money.



Invest and earn a financial return

When you're ready, you can invest through The Young Crowd site. Accredited investors can only invest at the moment with securities offered by our broker dealer partner. As an investor, you will receive updates as the venture, the young entrepreneur, and your seed investment continues to grow. Non-accredited investors can only contribute by donation.

for mentors

An estimated 18 million young people in the U.S. – almost half of all young people age 6 - 18, live in situations that put them at risk of not living up to their potential. Help transform our youth into confident, experienced entrerpreneurs.


Find the right mentee

We are recruiting experienced entrepreneurs and youth mentors to for their expertise in business formation, funding, operations and strategic planning to name a few. Mentors must be in a position to provide completely unbiased advice and allocate quality time to our young entrepreneurs. Approved mentors can located a young entrepreneur either by registering on The Young Crowd site and search our campaigns and profiles, or choose The Young Crowd team to match you with a young entrepreneur with similar interests.

Participate in our mentor training

The Young Crowd team sees the mentoring process as an ongoing educational relationship, requiring quality time set aside to help cater to the needs of the young entrepreneur. In order to become an approved mentor and to ensure the safety of our youth, we have strict criteria and guidelines that are introduced during our initial training session and must be met at all times. Potential conflicts of interests are addressing during this time. It is the responsibility of the approved mentor to be responsible for abiding by, and reporting issues involving the policies, rules and directives of the organization.



Build your new relationship

Influence the campaign prospects - the more prepared or trained they are, the greater the chance their campaign and venture succeeds. The goals is to help them become successful leaders and job creators. So how do you do that? By helping to minimize their failure rate and gain an advantage in the workforce, teach transferable skills that help their venture succeed. It's a win win situation for the mentor and young entrepreneur.

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